Family has always been a very important part of Trag’s Market.  It started when John and Barbara Tragoutsis relocated their family from New York to San Francisco to operate a small market on Taravell St.  In 1953, the family sold the market in San Francisco and opened Sunnybrae Market in San Mateo. Mom & Dad retired, and Brother Xenophon left the grocery industry to become an attorney, which left brothers Mike and Mark as partners.

 In 1972 the two brothers purchased Rakestraw’s Market in downtown San Mateo. Mark and Mike changed the name to Trag’s (a flip of the coin was the deciding factor that there would only be one “g” in Trag’s ). Customer service and quality were and still are the foundation of their business. Mike has since retired, and, Mark has partnered up with his son, Steve, and daughter, Barbara who have been in the grocery business their whole lives. In keeping with family tradition Barbara’s sons have been working at Trag’s, and are learning about the food business. Steve’s girls are still too young to work, but we’re sure they’ll be a part of Trag’s Market family before we know it.

 We could not accomplish our goals by ourselves, and an extension of our family is our employees. It always makes our day when we get complimented on the high caliber of employees we have! 

Our family feels very fortunate do business in such a wonderful community, and look forward to serving you for many more decades to come.

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